Friday, May 7, 2010


On the epiosde the candidate, there is a bomb in the submarine, thats Sawyer "difuses". When he pulls the wires the counter stops at:

This one made me flip!
Who is responsible!?!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


About a year ago or so I entered all of my comics online to the website
I have not been to the site since, today I went there to see if anything has changed in value
The website shows you how many comics you have from which brand

I have 131 Marvel comics....

Monday, April 5, 2010


Ok so here is a pretty crazy one

My wife and her grandfather have had this running joke since she was little where they call each other slick (one big slick the other little slick) I am not sure exactly when this started but I would say sometime in the 80's

A few years ago her grandfather discovered a restaurant called "Slicks" in PA and he just thought it was the greatest thing in the world. One summer he drove us all up there (about a 2 hour drive lol) to eat and it was pretty good but he had to take her there just because of the name.

This week we paid them a visit since her grandfathers health is starting to get bad and has been about a year since we have visited. They live out in the woods, deep enough to where you have to burn all of your trash. This of course is my favorite thing to do while we are there since im a freakin pyro lol. Me and my wife had the house to ourselves wednesday while everyone else went to Winchester VA for the day since that is where the hospital is and had doctor apts. for her grandfather. I was assigned the awesome task to take care of the trash while they were gone. So I gathered up all the trash they had put together and the last bag I brought out was a small walmart plastic bag filled with newspaper. Alicia says to not burn that one (I kinda had a feeling no to burn that one either) so we set it aside to make sure.

That night, sure enough, her grandfather was looking for that bag, he just had to show alicia something he saw in the newspaper (and we both laughed like wow we knew it) so afgter maybe about him digging through the pile of newspaper her found what he was looking for, cut it out and handed it to her. It was an advertisement for the restaurant "Slick's". Alicia said oh cool (being nice) and she said I am going to laminate this and save it (lol). He gave her a colored index card to glue it on. When I inspected the ad a little further, I noticed the phone number........

(814) 276-3131

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grocery Shopping

We went out last night to do some grocery shopping, we went to Giant and they have self service checkouts with a narrator that tells you each step and your total etc

Well not only was the total:

The narrator did not say the "forty" part when it read the total
so all it said was
"one....thirty one"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cable Spool

Doing a search for cables for work: one of the first google results

Vanco RG6/U Quad Shield Coax Cable Spool (RG6UL60Q-500) Sp/500

$131 new - 2 stores

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TV Commercial...WTF!?

So me and my wife Alicia were watching a couple shows on our dvr that we were catching up on. After watching another hilarious episode of tosh.o, I hit stop on the dvr and it switched back to live tv. As it switched over to live a commercial was just ending about background check and the link was
what makes this even crazier besides the url (why is there a freaking 131 in it!!!)
is that the announcer was reading the url as I switch back to live and all we heard was the ending
so the events were

Done with show on dvr
switched back to live
announcer: ...131
commercial ends


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Video Rendering

I was rendering a video for youtube tonight and I let it run in the background while I worked on other stuff. I was so busy that I did not check the status for a while so when I checked it randomly:
Elapsed time: 1:31:31


Just a couple updates over the last couple weeks:

During 98% of the olympics, the olympics ipod app was version 1.3.12
Countless 1:31 times in races etc also during the olympics

My friend Jerry sent me a link with funny chinese to english translations, there was a video advertisement from youtube at the bottom that was 1:31 in length and the commercial seemed to be extended and somehow ended on that time

Doing stuff at work, 1311 cases in room 2 for all of 2009

Ordered some stuff at work, one box is labeled very large 03131 (item #)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Direct TV Comercial/ TV Guide App

Saw a Directv ad during the Olympics, it gave an example of if you happen to catch a movie in the middle you can hit a button to catch it at the begining (or something like that) and theygave the example:
"Let's say The Hangover is on channel 131..."

I also download the TV Guide App on my ipod and when I loaded it up
Version 1.3.1

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday - noticed that my wife's digital camera has 131 on it near the lense, tried to take a photo of it but wasnt easy to do

Sunday - while watching the Saints vs Vikings game one scoring drive for the Vikings took 1:31

Friday, January 22, 2010

Linen Cart

I work in a hospital as a Multimedia/I.T. Tech. We have a video control room in the hospital where I go to occasionally to fix something or set something up. This particular day I needed to take a photo of something so I had a digital camera with me. The houskeeping staff usually park empty trash carts etc. Well when I was walking out of the control room door, there was a bright green (never seen one in bright green anywhere in the hospital EVER!)parked sorta right outside the door. This also was not there when I went in. the number printed on the side...well see for yourself

View when exiting control room

Close up

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Recieved a text message from my brother who had sent it originally at 12:31pm (on the timestamp of the message) but did not recieve it until...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1964 Alaskan Earthquake

I am a user of the Google hompage. I have various rss feeds on my page like weather etc. One of those feeds is for At 4:30pm I noticed a headline which read:
Today's 5.8 earthquake brought to you by the Cayman Islands [Scary] (link)
I thought, wow another earthquake so I clicked the link to check it out.

It is a usual practice of mine when I go on fark is to just scan the comments for funny images or comments and I noticed the comment posted by the user Honest Bender which gave a listing of different magnatudes of earthquakes:
mag 1: wont feel it.
mag 2: most likely wont feel it.
mag 3: probably will feel it
mag 4: you'll feel it.
mag 5: You WILL notice it.
mag 6: Might startle you, possibly some damage here and there, will make the nightly news.
mag 7: Will make the daytime news because some shiat probably fell off shelfs at the grocery store.
Mag 8: Crap, that was a big one!
Mag 9: Brown trousers time.

Now you want a quake to be afraid of? I give you this

I curiously clicked the link and it took me to the linked wiki page about the 1964 Alaska earthquake. When I reached the second sentance....there it was...

The earthquake caused 131 deaths...