Sunday, April 3, 2011

How bout dem O's!

I know it is only the 3rd game of the season but the Orioles are 3-0 and I am excited for the upcoming season. My expectations are somewhat medium from them this year. They have made some pretty great pick ups in the off-season like Lee, Hardy and Guerro. The young starting pitching is looking absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately history tends to repeat itself and the wheels fall off this fast moving Oriole wagon pretty quickly. I hope that is not the case this year.

The bullpen is still a little rocky in my opinion. We have a Koji in the bullpen who I think is key, but the seem to always give these guys shots who really have no business having any more chances cough::Gonzalez:::cough.

I hope to make it to a few games this year. I have only gone to about 1 or 2 the past couple seasons. I always root for the Orioles win or lose, I just hope they keep things interesting the entire year.

160-0!! (lol)

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  1. I'm excited. The best start for the O's since '97, incredible stuff, especially coming from a team that used to be a complete joke. And how about those Rangers? Can't wait to capture back-to-back ALCS titles!