Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just a couple updates over the last couple weeks:

During 98% of the olympics, the olympics ipod app was version 1.3.12
Countless 1:31 times in races etc also during the olympics

My friend Jerry sent me a link with funny chinese to english translations, there was a video advertisement from youtube at the bottom that was 1:31 in length and the commercial seemed to be extended and somehow ended on that time

Doing stuff at work, 1311 cases in room 2 for all of 2009

Ordered some stuff at work, one box is labeled very large 03131 (item #)


  1. You are a flippin IDIOT who really cares and I doubt it very highly that all those 131 numbers were taking place place LOSER

  2. lmao thanks for taking your time to post mr anonymous lmao