Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to School - Soon....

Finally went back to see about finishing up my AA degree today in interactive design. I havnt been to school since 2003, not really sure why I stopped. Turns out I only need 3 more classes and I am DONE!
I need to take Math classes over the summer for my Math credits (bleh!) then will be taking Actionscript 3.0 class and a 3D Modeling/Animation class. Ill be sure to post some stuff I create.

131 of the day:
Was looking for a tutorial for Flash at work, the first link I clicked in google was Flash tutorial #131...and it was all over the red....


  1. awesome! would love to see a portfolio web site if you have one.

  2. Good luck in your educational endeavors, be sure to share with us your animation skills.

  3. I hate math aswell :P
    but 3 classes sounds doable

  4. i love math! and lucky you you only need 3 classes to get stuff done :P