Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1964 Alaskan Earthquake

I am a user of the Google hompage. I have various rss feeds on my page like weather etc. One of those feeds is for fark.com. At 4:30pm I noticed a headline which read:
Today's 5.8 earthquake brought to you by the Cayman Islands [Scary] (link)
I thought, wow another earthquake so I clicked the link to check it out.

It is a usual practice of mine when I go on fark is to just scan the comments for funny images or comments and I noticed the comment posted by the user Honest Bender which gave a listing of different magnatudes of earthquakes:
mag 1: wont feel it.
mag 2: most likely wont feel it.
mag 3: probably will feel it
mag 4: you'll feel it.
mag 5: You WILL notice it.
mag 6: Might startle you, possibly some damage here and there, will make the nightly news.
mag 7: Will make the daytime news because some shiat probably fell off shelfs at the grocery store.
Mag 8: Crap, that was a big one!
Mag 9: Brown trousers time.

Now you want a quake to be afraid of? I give you this

I curiously clicked the link and it took me to the linked wiki page about the 1964 Alaska earthquake. When I reached the second sentance....there it was...

The earthquake caused 131 deaths...

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  1. 131 is the natural number following 130 and preceding 132.