Monday, April 5, 2010


Ok so here is a pretty crazy one

My wife and her grandfather have had this running joke since she was little where they call each other slick (one big slick the other little slick) I am not sure exactly when this started but I would say sometime in the 80's

A few years ago her grandfather discovered a restaurant called "Slicks" in PA and he just thought it was the greatest thing in the world. One summer he drove us all up there (about a 2 hour drive lol) to eat and it was pretty good but he had to take her there just because of the name.

This week we paid them a visit since her grandfathers health is starting to get bad and has been about a year since we have visited. They live out in the woods, deep enough to where you have to burn all of your trash. This of course is my favorite thing to do while we are there since im a freakin pyro lol. Me and my wife had the house to ourselves wednesday while everyone else went to Winchester VA for the day since that is where the hospital is and had doctor apts. for her grandfather. I was assigned the awesome task to take care of the trash while they were gone. So I gathered up all the trash they had put together and the last bag I brought out was a small walmart plastic bag filled with newspaper. Alicia says to not burn that one (I kinda had a feeling no to burn that one either) so we set it aside to make sure.

That night, sure enough, her grandfather was looking for that bag, he just had to show alicia something he saw in the newspaper (and we both laughed like wow we knew it) so afgter maybe about him digging through the pile of newspaper her found what he was looking for, cut it out and handed it to her. It was an advertisement for the restaurant "Slick's". Alicia said oh cool (being nice) and she said I am going to laminate this and save it (lol). He gave her a colored index card to glue it on. When I inspected the ad a little further, I noticed the phone number........

(814) 276-3131

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